TOP Ecommerce SEO Trends 2019

TOP Ecommerce SEO Trends 2019

SEO techniques are evolving every day and new trends are coming. If you want to successfully run your SEO campaign then you need to adopt those trends. One of the most critical SEO campaign is doing promotion for ecommerce sites. You need to keep in mind many crucial factors for a successful SEO campaign for your ecommerce site and that too need to be with the trend.  Here we will talk about TOP Ecommerce SEO Trends 2019.

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1. Optimize for voice search

Voice Search

As per the latest trend voice search is getting popular among online users. Big companies like Google, Amazon came up with their voice assistant for their users. It eases the search process & reduces time for searching. With voice command you can get your desired search results. Therefore Optimizing your Ecommerce Voice Search will definitely give you an edge and help your users to search their required products in a seamless manner. Also voice search can higher-up customer engagement with your ecommerce site. This is the most trending & essential SEO campaign for your ecommerce site or mobile app in 2019. Also as per the stats Voice Search optimization SEO campaign is growing bigger for any business.

Amazon is already using Voice Search for their ecommerce site & other products. You can search products here with voice search and even you can buy their products with voice command.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and Cortana are one the most popular voice assistants which are also used for shopping. Already almost 29 percent of online users are using voice assistants for searching & shopping and the number is getting higher day by day.


2. Brand Value Building

Brand Promotion

Your brand is the face of your business. Therefore the more you will focus on your brand value building the more targeted customer you can hit. Online users are skeptical about the brands they are purchasing from ecommerce sites. They always want to go for renowned and reputed brands. Before using any ecommerce site they do full research about the reviews & reputation of that ecommerce app. User also search for customer feedback & reviews before purchasing any product or using a startup ecommerce site. So you need to be very careful to build your brand value & gain trust if you are a startup ecommerce. Brand value promotion is another most trendy campaign for you ecommerce SEO. If people know your brand then you have a good amount of chance to convert your visitors into customers and have a better edge than your competitors. It builds trust among your audiences and makes them confident about your product or ecommerce portal.

So if you want to make your ecommerce business successful then Brand Value Promotion is a must for your ecommerce SEO campaign in 2019. There are several ways to promote your brand through digital & social media marketing strategies. Apart from that you need to involve your customers more with your site, increase customer engagement and ask them to leave feedback & replies if they like your brand and most importantly this process doesn’t cost you a penny.


3. Great user experience (UX)

UX Design

A good User Experience is the most important thing for any successful business website. In present day you can use cutting edge technology to provide a great User Experience (UX) to your visitors. It’s important to retain your visitors and reduce bounce rate of your site. Exiting user experience will encourage your users to spend more time in your website or app and your conversion rate will be higher for sure. A great user experience is another trendiest part of your online presence. To convert visitors into customers and encourage them to explore your site more, you need an intuitive & positive UX also it helps to retain your existing customers.


4. Analytics of SEO Campaign

SEO Analytics

To achieve better results from your various SEO campaigns running in Social Media, Blogs or other promotional channels, you need to have an analytical monitoring system with accurate data. Strategies your SEO campaign with Analytical data outputs is another trend for ecommerce SEO in 2019. Ecommerce sites deal with lots of user of various demography and ecommerce sites have a huge range of product sets. Therefore getting analytical data on user behavior, user preferences & product related data you can strategies you’re your SEO campaigns for your brand. Analytics of SEO campaign help you to get better results from your campaigns & it points out where you need to focus to earn more revenue from your ecommerce site.

There are various good analytical tools available in the market; Google Analytics is one of the best & popular among them. Almost all social media platforms have analytical tools for their paid campaigns. These analytical tools gives you the insight of your campaign performance and you can keep an eye on the impressions, click-through rates, bounce rate, dwell time, number of views and conversion results of your campaigns.

According to the above mentioned data set you can strategies & improve your next campaigns and improve the result. This will help your site to get higher ranks in Google SERPs and you will have higher chances to have more organic visitors or potential customers. Your site’s traffic can increase by properly monitoring the analytical data.

5. Safety & Security of Your eCommerce Site

ecommerce site

Providing a safe & secure ecommerce site for the users is the most important thing for a successful business. Secure & safe sites are another trend today for ecommerce SEO campaign. As ecommerce site has to deal with online payments, therefore secure site is the first priority. You can make your site secure by implementing SSL certificate (HTTPS). Your visitors will be assured about the data privacy & security of your site.

A secure site is another latest trend for your ecommerce site & it helps for your SEO campaign. It will assure organic visitors to visit your site & will increase your conversion rate.

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