Top Code Generators for Web Designing

Top Code Generators for Web Designing

For any Web Designer Code Generators are the best helping hand. Mastering CSS & implement it into your web design is a tough job. Also it takes a lot of time and concentration to build your CSS Styleship for any particular web design project. Even if you are a professional in this filed, still its difficult to remember all the code snippets & syntax.

To overcome this situation and making web design job easier & quick Code Generators are the best option. These tools generate code snippets as per your requirements and provided parameters. You don’t even need to know the syntax. Then you can use the generated code into your web design projects.

Here we will discuss about Top Code Generators for Web Designing.

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1.  Flexy Boxes

Flexy Boxes

You need technical expertise to use CSS and its a bit complex thing to write css codes. Here Flexy Boxes Playground & Code Generator becomes very handy to create complex CSS layouts & generates code for you.

With this very useful tool you can control & work with flex items, directions and alignment properties. It will generate the code for you, then you just need to copy & past the code snippet into your web design project’s CSS Stylesheet. It’s a great tool which reduces your web design time & complexity.


2.  .htaccess Generator

.htaccess Generator

.htaccess Generator is a great tool & also very helpful to generate codes for .htaccess file. This is very handy for the web designer as they do not need to remember or write down the whole code for the file. An .htaccess file is a file which stays on the server and performs a number of useful functions for your web project. Therefore it’s a very important file for your server.

From this important file you can perform tasks like setting redirects, URL rewriting and can set various security measures for your web designing project. But the problem is that remembering all of these above complex syntaxes are a bit difficult & time taking.

Therefore as per the developer or designers point of view .htaccess Generator is like a magic wand which will generate all the code syntaxes for you & also will perform multiple important tasks. There are tools for .htaccess file generator powered by multiple companies.


3.  PHP Date Format Generator

PHP Date Format Generator

PHP Date Time Format Generator is a very useful tool for generating code for Date Format selection section in any web form. It completely reduces the intricacies of writing manual codes & let you chose your date format style from the preset formats. Also it generates the JavaScript code for the Date Time Format you selected, and you can implement the generated code in your web project.

4.  CSS3 Media Queries Generator

CSS3 Media Queries Generator

CSS3 Media Queries Generator is the most important & useful tool for responsive web design. With this handy tool you can easily & quickly create detailed queries as per your exact requirement.

It will give you an option to select media type. After that you can chose different preset options like height, width, resolution, pixel ratio, aspect ratio, colours and grid for your web layout. Moreover it will auto generate Media Query Code with syntax for you selected layout. Even you can test the changes in your browser layout live.


5.  Bounce.js


Bounce.js is a popular JavaScript library & an online tool for creating CSS3 animations. Without having in depth knowledge in CSS3 animation & complex codes; you can easily & quickly create CSS3 Animations with this useful online tool by just changing & adjusting some setting. So it’s a very handy tool for the web designers.

Moreover you can test the animation live & can adjust the settings as per your choice. Finally it will generate short URL & the CSS code for your created animation and you can export the CSS for using in your project. There are lots of good preset animations in this tool which you can use to save time.


6. is a browser based tool which helps to create responsive layouts. This is mainly Important to add grid, column in your web page. Also with this tool you can customize the grid / column to adjust it with your content. So you do not need to try hard to fit & adjust the content into your webpage columns rather it is the other way around.

Moreover You can specify the number of columns & gutter width you want add in your layout. Also you can specify the column & gutter breakpoints to match with your content & layout. Once you are done with your layout, you can download the formatted template as a zip format.


7.  WordPress Code Generators

WordPress Code Generators

WordPress Code Generators is mainly a suite of 20 style tools that help you to leverage powerful functionalities of WordPress. Also it will help you to generate codes for wordpress features with maintaining the coding standards.

Below is the list of tools for essential WordPress Code Generators:

  1. Add Quicktags
  2. Custom User Contact Methods
  3. Add Dashboard Widget
  4. Register Default Headers
  5. WP_Comment_Query
  6. WP_User_Query
  7. Custom CSS for List Styles
  8. Custom CSS for Cursors
  9. Custom CSS for Columns
  10. Custom CSS for Text
  11. WP_Query
  12. Comments with CSS#1
  13. Custom Hooks
  14. Register Post Status
  15. Register Custom Menus
  16. Add Shortcode
  17. Custom More Link
  18. Add Theme Support
  19. Register JavaScript & CSS
  20. Register Sidebars

Also it’s difficult & time taking to remember all code snippets. Therefore these above WordPress Code Generator tools are very helpful for WordPress theme developers.


8.  CSS3  Generator

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is a smart tool to create & generate codes for buttons, gradients, border radius, box and text shadows. It also handles CSS transform, animation and background code.

Moreover it’s very useful for web designers. Remembering all code snippets & syntax for writing a CSS Styleshit is not easy as well as tiresome & time taking. This tool handles all these issue easily.


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